Saturday, June 14, 2014

Lenny Kravitz - I'll Be Waiting:

Saturday, May 31, 2014

forgive me if I ever offended you  with my egoism,
only light in my darkness
we will be sleeping in a corner of the heart
and whenever the pain off a smile
'll be there, no matter how long we step
since we never said goodbye.

You swore to yourself that you would never hurt
you're gone, thinking it best
both know that this chapter was not closed
we never said  goodbye

perdoname si mi egoismo alguna vez te ofendió
unica luz en mi oscuridad
estaremos dormidos en un rincon del corazon
y siempre que el dolor apague una sonrisa
estaremos alli, sin importar cuanto tiempo paso
desde que nunca nos dijimos adios.

juraste a ti mismo que nunca me lastimarias
te has ido, pensando que es lo mejor
ambos sabemos que este capitulo no se cerró
nunca nos dijimos adios

Sunday, January 20, 2013

That's will to happen? my heart broken by indecision and fear of a person since that day I discovered your lies I saw as my world became black again. I just want to cry, it is painful to accept that I will never be your great love or your best friend, you dont trust me You close your heart every time I try to know more about you. was devastating to know that there was someone else in your life but deep down I always knew .. what will you do with me? why you domt let me disappear forever of your life? maybe because you like feeling needed she hurt you but you still dont want to erase her from your life but put distance between us for reasons that you have never told me So are you, you keep everything to yourself. that's enough for me, and I will not attempt to discover your lies do what you want with your life You dont fool me .. I dont believe anything you say, anything you do and this immature girl maybe forgive, but never forget all in you taste of lies I will remember that my world had an ending.....